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Orange Coast Testing continues to provide the best service in the NDT industry by providing on-site service. We have all the required equipment to carry out this service at your location.

Radiographic Advantages

  • Radiography can be used with most materials
  • Radiography can be used to provide permanent visual record of the test object on film or a digital record for subsequent display on a computer monitor
  • Radiography can reveal some discontinuities within a material 
  • Radiography discloses fabrication errors and often indicates the need for corrective action

  1. Film Radiography
  2. Real-Time Radiography
  3. Digital Imaging

Film Radiography


 X-Ray of castings, electronics, welds, composite materials and a variety of other products is our greatest capability. Whether you require production run inspection or assistance in identifying technique capabilities in engineered prototype products, we can help. All tasks are personally supervised by an NDT level 3 examiner in Radiography.

Our X-Ray Units:

  • Philips MG420 KVCP (1.5/4.5 mm Focal Spot) 
  • Philips 150 KVCP .4mm/3.0 mm Focal Spot
  • Philips 300 KVCP 1.5/4.0 mm Focal Spot
  • Philips120 KVCP Real-Time X-ray Unit (0.06-0.3 mm Focal Spot)
  • 150 KVCP Norelco (.7/2.5 mm Focal Spot) (rod anode)
  • 300 KVP Sperry (3.5 mm Focal Spot)
  • 300 EVP (.8mm Seifert)
  • XIT 160KV (1.5mm Focal Spot) portable

Radiography is used heavily in the aerospace industry for the detection of cracks in airframe structures and for foreign object detection. Our personnel set-up, expose, process the film and interpret the images in accordance with written records or specifications. 


Real-Time Radiography


Utilizing a five-axis manipulator, and a constant potential x-ray system with a focal spot size of 0.06 mm, we can generate different views which can easily identify discontinuities such as broken wires in electronics, shrinkage in aluminum castings, consumer products, foreign material in food products, etc.. Permanent records are made on videotape transferred to DVD.

In addition to our real-time lab station, we have several portable systems complete with variable speed conveyors. These portable systems are ideal in high production (assembly line) situations, when products require rapid evaluation. Often used for Quality Control screening of Consumer Products.

Digital Imaging


Orange Coast Testing continues to use state-of-the-art equipment for Non-Destructive Testing, OCTI recently acquired the Kodak Industrex ACR-2000i System. (Computed Radiography (CR) Imaging System. Computed radiography–with photo stimulated luminescence– a two step radiological imaging process. First, a storage phosphor imaging plate is exposed to penetrating radiation. Then the luminescence from the plates photo-stimulable luminescent phosphor is read, digitized, and viewed on a computer monitor. In a CR system you use phosphor plates as you would film, but process them in the plate reader. These highly efficient plates can be erased and reused thousands of times, and require less exposure than film. The CR system gives you high resolution images that allow us to analyze minute details. With a dynamic range ten times that of film, one digital image can show the detail of five different film exposures. 

Designed for field use, the DXR250V provides a compact digital radiography solution that is ready to be deployed in some of the most challenging inspection environments. The portable DXR250V allows users to apply digital radiography to applications previously limited to computed and film radiography. DXR250V enables shorter exposure times and instant image review, reducing the need for re-shooting of images and leading to overall increased productivity. DXR250V in combination with Rhythm software provides fully compliant ASTM DICONDE images for our customers



*AWS QC-1 Certified Weld Inspector (CWI-86060911)

*Honeywell Supplier NDT Level 3

*Boeing D1-4426 NDI Personnel, Level III, BSS 7698, NAS 410 and Mil-Std-410

*Federal Aviation Administration – FAA Air Agency Certificate OC6R648J

*Prime Contractor Approvals: Lockheed Martin Aeronautics(Fracture/Durability Critical Hardware),  Aerojet Gencorp, The Boeing Co. and others

*Compliant to ISO 9001:2000, Certified to PRI AC7004 

*NADCAP Compliant Quality System AC7004 

*NADCAP/PRI Nondestructive Testing Accredited (AC7114) 

*RWTuV – TuV Certificate 04-502-2190 (EN 473, ISO 9712)

*Radiation Safety – CA Department of Health Services Approved Training for Industrial Radiographer’s and Radiographer’s Assistants 

*ACCP Professional Level III (8436)

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